Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We have been very busy the past two week.  Elder and Sister Adams came from South Africa to help us contact businesses to recruit jobs.  We were able to find a lot of businesses who were willing to talk to us and let us refer the members for job openings.  Then, Elder Sitati from the First Quorum of the Seventy came from Salt Lake and Thabo Lebethoa, the self reliance manager from South Africa came.  They met with us, the Adams, and Binghams who came from Zambia.  Elder Sitati had leadership training meetings all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  All of the meetings were to introduce the new curriculum and self reliance.  He met with the young adults, and had a fireside for all members of three stakes.  There are six stakes and two districts in Zimbabwe plus a mission district with six branches. There are 60 wards and branches all together.

Our electricity is off about half the time, so if we do not respond to your messages it is because we have to start the generator to have electricity.  It hasn't rained this past week.  It's been in the mid 70's every day.  It's just a little warm at night.  Sorry to those of you who are freezing in Montana.

We drove around town trying to get a little more oriented as to where everything is.  We came to an area which had a much larger flea market than the one we had been too.  It covered the area of about five blocks long.  We didn't stop, but it looked like mostly cloths.  We also got lost (again) and found ourselves in the outskirts of downtown where it was very difficult to drive through the streets because there were so many street vendors (in the middle of the street), plus solid cars and people shopping or wandering around.

We walk every morning at 0530 for an hour and found a sign that made us feel like we were home.  The picture is attached.  Also Miles is standing by a sample of beautiful flowers which are everywhere you look.  We also tried the poached corn that they sell on street everywhere.  It really was pretty good for "field" corn (maze).  We have tried sadza (really thick cornmeal mush).  It is tasteless, but they make a "sauce", which is kale with spices which makes it pretty good.  I won't be cooking much of it however.

We took Binghams to a "western" restaurant where the "guys" had a steak and "gals" had a hamburger.  It wasn't too bad for Zimbabwe.  They played "old" western music which made us feel closer to home.  We eat out three or four times per week, as the food is just about as cheap at restaurants as it is to buy it in the store.

We found Hayden's business competition.  Notice the bow tie, necktie, and scripture cover made of beads.  We are trying to figure out how to send you the bow tie so all you older boys can take turns wearing it to the prom.

The people who are members of the church are so friendly, kind, and humble.  They are all first generation members but they have really strong testimonies.  We have had two people approach us wanting to be taught about the church.

We love you all!

Elder Sitati on the right

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